KMSTC Specialized Training Centre


  • Integration of KMSTC curriculums into academic subjects of the Academy and College in educational and simulator training; this will allow the training center to carry out preliminary training of KSMA MC KSMA cadets in accordance with integrated plans to obtain certificates; as a result, some specialized courses offered by KMSTC are already integrated into KSMA curricula and delivered for KSMA cadets
  • Obligatory cadets’ specialized educational and simulator training
  • Maximum usage of Simulator Complex laboratories and equipment jointly exploited by KSMA and KMSTC



20, Ushakova avenue,

Kherson, Ukraine,



+ 38 050 672 76 85

08.00 – 17.00, Mon – Fri (UTC + 2)

09.00 – 16.00, Sat – Sun (UTC + 2) – if no answer –

leave a message (SMS) and  we will call you back shortly


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